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POLYGREEN® is one of the largest manufacturers of non-invasive digital medical diagnostics worldwide. Specializing in converting signals from the human body into comprehensible information for end-users, we have grown into a diverse biomedical electronic company following years of continuous development and innovation. In recent years, we have further dedicated ourselves to maternal and infant care. We manufacture a full range of physiological monitoring devices meeting the needs of our customers and partners worldwide.

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Founded in the year 2011, we are focusing on developing smartphone applications for multiple operating systems. The first territory we have chosen is to connect medical devices to smartphone. Our goal is to provide end user a terrific user interface on their daily measurement and operation. Once end user uses our app software, they can operate a complicated medical device by their intuitive sense.​

Digital Clinical Thermometer
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Blood Pressure Monitor-Wrist Type
Blood Pressure Monitor-Arm Type
Blood Glucose Monitoring System
MomiSure-Baby Products
Body Scale