POLYGREEN® is one of the largest manufacturers of non-invasive digital medical diagnostics companies worldwide. We specialize in converting signals from the human body into comprehensible information for the end-user. Following years of continuous development and innovation, we have grown into a diverse biomedical electronic company and manufacture a full range of physiological monitoring devices meeting the needs of our customers and partners worldwide.

Mission and Vision

Since 1993, PolyGreen® products empower people all over the world to make life-changing choices. The PolyGreen® name is synonymous with the trust and reliability inherent in the word Quality. We have a relentless passion for Quality in everything we do. We are dedicated to the delivery of Quality healthcare around the world. We practice Sustainable Health. We believe great products respect both their users and the world in which they function. At PolyGreen®, we believe that sustainable health is the key to our future.
Our vision is a promise we make to ourselves and to our global healthcare partners. We want to give people the freedom to take responsibility for their own health, in a sustainable way.


In 1983, a team of highly skilled engineers and clinicians from various disciplines began developing body-monitoring systems. Their goal was to develop systems that were non-invasive, comfortable to use, as accurate as any traditional measuring methods and did not require calibration. This team and their goal formed the nucleus for the company that is today the POLYGREEN® Group.

  • 1983 Established in Taiwan with Digital Thermometer Business
  • 1988 Diversified into Respiratory Care Business –Nebulizer
  • 1990 FDA 510(k) of Digital Thermometer cleared for entering US market
  • 1995 Established China (Dongguan) factory and USA joint venture business partner
  • 1996 Diversified into Cardiovascular Care Business –Blood Pressure Monitor
  • 1997 Certified ISO 9002 EN46002 ; EU MDD 93/42/EEC approved CE0197
  • 1998 Diversified into Infrared Thermometer Business
  • 2000 FDA 510(k) of Infrared Thermometer
  • 2001 BPM cleared for entering US market Diversified into sports diagnostic business
  • 2002 Sales Permission granted for entering China Market
  • 2003 Certified with ISO 13485
  • 2004 Certified with CMDCAS、Extended into biosensor business、Established Polygreen Germany GmbH4 Corporate Milestones
  • 2005 Certified with ISO 9001、Creation of PolyGreen® brand、Establish POLYGREEN® Europe
  • 2006 FDA 510(k) of RFID Thermometer cleared for entering US market
  • 2007 Validated by Chinese Hypertension League & ESH (European Society of Hypertension)
  • 2009 Diversified into Diabetic business、FDA 510(k) of Ultrasonic Nebulizer and Peak Flow Meter cleared for entering US market
  • 2011 FDA 510(k) of Non-contact Infrared Thermometer、Established Taiwan factory in Tainan
  • 2012 Diversified into Telemedicine business–thermometer、blood pressure、glucose meter
  • 2014 Granted approval from Chinese local government for factory relocation
  • 2016 The Chiayi City health online platform in Taiwan, along with POLYGREEN® products, has sparked widespread media attention.
  • 2017 Establish Tainan Rende Factory
  • 2019 Create MomiSure Series Products、Create Go Without Battery Series
  • 2020 Expand factory to China (Hunan) and Vietnam


Digital Thermometers and Pacifier Thermometers

  • Flexible thermometer probe
  • Electronic thermometer with price advantage
  • Digital electronic thermometer
  • Electronic thermometer
  • Patches type electronic thermometer
  • New thin film electronic thermometer
  • Three-in-one thermometer for ear, nose and anus temperature measurement
  • Measurement of baby pacifier thermometer
  • Structural optimization of digital electronic thermometer for medical use
  • The important structure of medical digital electronic thermometer
  • Structure of digital electronic thermometer

Blood Pressure Monitors

  • Non-invasive pump less micro-airbag type device for measuring blood pressure and pulse and method for using such a device
  • Method for measuring blood pressure and pulse rate with a pump-less mechanical compression apparatus
  • Portable miniature blood-pressure measuring equipment Method for measuring irregular pulsation of electronic sphygmomanometer
  • Method for measuring irregular pulsation of electronic sphygmomanometer
  • Manual drive inflation power generation style electron blood pressure measuring device
  • Measuring structure of sphygmomanometer (MOMI)
  • Arm rolling strip for sphygmomanometers


  • Improved structure of mechanical sprayer for medical use
  • Atomizing nozzle capable of storage of liquid medication
  • Fixing structure of medication cup of medical sprayer
  • Vaporizer to be used for distribution of healing or soothing substance, comprising adjustable nozzle to be locked in selected position
  • Improvement of positioning structure of adjustable nozzle of medical sprayer
  • Portable sprayer for standing or lying

Blood Glucose Monitoring System

  • Blood sugar measurement automatic correction system
  • Test strip and device for measuring sample properties and system incorporating the same
  • Electrochemical Test Strip
  • Packaging box with test strips and gripper assembly